The Good Soldier Schweik by Erwin Piscator
"Bertolt Brecht helped write the script and George Grosz's animated cartoons, life-size puppets, and cut-out set pieces appeared with live actors on the conveyor-belt stage." Here are seventeen drawings by George Grosz for a 1928 German performance of The Good Soldier Svejk.
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Schweyk im zweiten Weltkrieg  (Švejk in the Second World War), by (1941-1943) Bertolt Brecht
In his work diary under the entry 18. 8. 38 Brecht calls Hasek's novel "the only great folklore of the time."
Song of the Moldau from Schweik in the Second World WarListen [first to English version of] Bertolt Brecht and Hanns Eisler's famous [German original version of the] song Song of the Moldau from Schweik in the Second World WarMoldau [Vltava] from the play.
Two more songs from the same play:
Song of the Moldau from Schweik in the Second World WarAnd What did the Soldier's Wife Get? (Schweyk, 1959), sung by Hanns Eisler himself
Song of the Moldau from Schweik in the Second World War Song of the Little Wind (Schweyk, 1959), also sung by Hanns Eisler himself
A detailed analysis of the main character of Bertolt Brecht' s play Schweyk im zweiten Weltkrieg
A Master of Arts Thesis (1974)
Lindsay Thomas Massy Hewson, BA
"... in the character of Schweyk Brecht seems to express his philosophy of life in the clearest, most unequivocal manner."

The Good Soldier Schweik (1980)
Michael John Nimchuk (b.1927- d.2003)

Carl MacDougall 's The Guid Sodjer Schweik (1993)

The Financial Times review of the play Svejk (1999)
by Colin Teevan

The Good Captain Svejk (2008 and again in 2014)
Directed by Rob Samec
Včelka Dramatic Society of Sokol Greater Cleveland

The Good Soldier Švejk (2015)
Teatrul Național "Radu Stanca" [Radu Stanca National Theatre (English wikipedia page)]
Sibiu, Romania

Mein Švejk (Operetta. Comedy. Death.) (2016)
Divadlo Husa na provázku [Goose On a String Theater]
Brno, Czech Republic

Good Soldier Svejk And His Fortunes In The First World War (2024)
The first 21st Century theatrical production including puppets
Adapted and directed for the stage by Vit Horejs
Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre
New York, NY, U.S.A.