The Good Soldier Svejk through the eyes of Jirí Trnka


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Like Diogenes, Švejk lingers at the margins of an unfriendly society against which he is defending his independent existence. "Švejking" is the method for surviving "švejkárna", which is a situation or institution of systemic absurdity requiring the employment of "švejking" for one to survive and remain untouched by it.

Jiří Trnka's (and later his studio's) famous animated series

Book One

Chapter 1

     Schweik's Intervention in the World War

Chapter 7

     Schweik Is Called Up

Chapter 14

     Schweik as Lieutenant Lukas' Orderly

Book Two

Chapter 1

     Svejk Trouble in a Train

Chapter 2

     Svejk's Budejovice Anabasis

(Chapter 2 cont.)

     From Putim to Putim

Chapter 3

     Schweik's Adventures at Kiralihyda

Book Three

Chapter 1

     Across Hungary

Chapter 3

     From Hatvan to Galicia

Chapter 4

     Marschieren Marsch!



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