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The Good Soldier Švejk people
"The Good Soldier Švejk is a novel with an unusually rich array of characters. In addition to the many who directly form part of the plot, a large number of fictive and real people (and animals) are mentioned; either through Švejks anecdotes, the narrative or indirectly through words and expressions."

Virtuální muzeum Jaroslava Haška & Josefa Švejka
(Virtual Museum of Jaroslav Hašek & Josef Švejk)
a Czech language resource

Challenges of translating Švejk into English: A report on the experimental project of its “Chicago version”
"A decision to translate the 207,009 words of Hašek’s unfinished novel in my judgment cannot be – and in my case indeed was not – a result of a rational consideration."

The INTERNational Memorial of Eavesdropping And Wiretapping

Society for Rejuvenating Immortality of Jaroslav Hašek
April 24, 2006 Workshop 

Baťa and Hašek Changed My Life
"I ended up in hospital with alcohol poisoning. I felt horrible and the next day I was depressed because I thought they would throw me out of school. But the doc was very kind and did not sent a note to the school, but gave me a book instead. You know which book? Stories of The Good Soldier Švejk (Osudy dobrého vojaka Švejka). I was laughing so loudly while I was reading it, the nurses were wondering what was going on. Indeed the day before they couldn’t give me a blood test, I was so weak. They called the doctor, but he only waved his hand: he is allright."

The International Jaroslav Hašek Society's 2003 Conference press release in Czech and English

The Party of Moderate Progress Within the Bounds Of the Law

Švejk "On The Ice"
a.k.a., Švejk does hockey  

'Švejkism' and the Czech Accession to the EU
scroll to the bottom of the page to this, the last article in the Radio Free Europe/Radio LibertyNewsline July 9, 1999 archive

The planet Švejk and its orbit 

Chat with a Virtual Character-The Švejk Project
Watch and listen Song of the Moldau from Schweik in the Second World War to a Czech demonstration system that allows for informal voice chatting with virtual characters.
Legendary novel figure Svejk is the first personality who could be interviewed in an early version.

Švejk Restaurants 

War and Understanding: The (Im)possibility of Communication in War and Peace and The Good Soldier Svejk
by Karin Beck, Columbia University
International Council for Central and East European Studies (ICCEES) VII World Congress, July 25–30, 2005, Berlin, Germany
"... a comparison of Svejk and War and Peace and their respective use of language. ... part of my dissertation on Foreign Language in Literature.
The Use of French in Russian Literature and the Use of German in Czech Literature

Polish Svejk Fan Club 

ASCII art 

The Švejk Phenomenon,
a Ukrainian stanza by a poet with dual personality.

Schwejking - the film
Nataša von Kopp

An August 31, 2001 Radio Free Europe report of a Hašek Museum Being Set up in Bugulma, i.e. Bögelmä, Tatarstan. (Look for the sixth news item on the list.) Jaroslav Hašek served there as a Deputy Commissar for the Red Army in October through December 1918. Hašek's "memorial apartment", a.k.a. the J. Gashek's Literary Memorial Museum (as listed in Russian on the Tatarstan National Museum's list of museums in Tatarstan). The  e-mail address of Hašek's Museum in Bugulma" . Streets were named after Jaroslav Hasek ('Gasek' in the Russian language as in its alphabet there is no letter or the sound 'H') in Kiev, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Kazan, and St. Petersburg, to name a few places.

A Russian river ship Jaroslav Hašek 
This river ship bore the name ЯРОСЛАВ ГАШЕК [Jaroslav Hasek] (2001), JAROSLAV HASEK (08.2012), but is now known as MARSHAL ZHUKOV (09.2012) sad

Grid, Hype & Rock 'n' Roll
Tom Gibbs
Director of Worldwide Strategy and Planning, Intel Corporation
"It was reminiscent of the title character in Jaroslav Hasek’s famous unfinished novel "The Good Soldier Svejk."  When all is said and done, the good soldier Svejk never really gave a hoot about his fearless leader or the public relations machine. The people toiling in the trenches in the Grid community have long stopped caring what it's called or how folks outside the community think about it. They're too busy making it work and haggling though standards needed to make it work better.
"Unfortunately, in the same way that political conflict looks absurd to the good soldier Svejk, technological evolution isn't as simple or pure as an engineering mindset would like to understand."