Rober Kurka's operatic version of the Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Svejk . . .


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Like Diogenes, Švejk lingers at the margins of an unfriendly society against which he is defending his independent existence. "Švejking" is the method for surviving "švejkárna", which is a situation or institution of systemic absurdity requiring the employment of "švejking" for one to survive and remain untouched by it.

Rober Kurka's opera The Good Soldier Schweik

Chicago Opera Theater's World Premiere Recording
with Jason Collins as the perfect Schweik

Background to The Good Soldier Schweik on Cooperstown, NY Glimmerglass Opera web site.

The preview by Bruce Duffie of the now gone WNIB,
best classical station far and wide . . .

The review on ClassicsToday .com



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