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The [Political] Sins of Jaroslav Hašek

The [Political] Sins of Jaroslav Hasek

... as enumerated by Stanislav Jíra

His placard title:
A Memorial to a Bolshevik Commissar?
See translation of the whole text below.

Photo © Jan Kliment

A Memorial to a Bolshevik Commissar?

Jaroslav Hasek

February 1918 Voluntarily joined the Red Army [ NOTE: ... after having been drafted into and having fought with the Austro-Hungarian Army in World War I. In September 1915 he deserted  near the village of Chorupany in Galicia. Having been through several POW camps in June 1915 he became a company clerk of the 7th Company of the 1st (Czechoslovak) Volunteer Regiment Jan Hus in the Russian Imperial Army in Kiev. He joined the independent Czechoslovak Legions in Russia after their formation, fought with them and was decorated after the famous battle of Zborov. Then, during the political turmoil within the Legions in revolutionary Russia he chose the wrong side of the struggle and deserted again after a warrant for his arrest was issued by the Czechoslovak Legions.] 
Authors articles in the Bolshevik publication Trail-blazer
March 1918 Became a member of the Communist Party of Russia('s Bolsheviks)
April 1918 Assisted with organizing Czechoslovak platoons of the Red Army
October 1918 Dispatched to Bugulma [Bögelmä, Tatarstan, U.S.S.R.]
December 1918 Worked in the Political Department of the Bolshevik 5th Army
[Deputy] Commander [Commissar] of Bugulma
1919 High official of the Communist Party of Russia
Political instructor in the [Frunze's] 5th Army
October 24, 1920 Designated Deputy Commander of the 5th Army's Political Directorate in Moscow
November 1920 Was dispatched by his Comintern comrades to Czechoslovakia to organize a Communist movement [ ... instead he started drinking again and working on the culmination of his literary works, The Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Švejk During the World War]

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